How Glass machinery industry to face the market's situation

Domestic glass machinery industry rapid and rapid development, in recent years to a considerable extent, led the loss of glass machinery supporting the demand for pieces. The rapid development of the automotive industry to the glass machinery industry is more robust. Domestic low-grade CNC glass machinery supporting the loss of products market, the basic dominated by domestic products, high-end CNC glass machinery supporting the loss of products in the market competition is more and more intense.
   Glass machinery supporting the loss of products will always be labeled as a person, the import of domestic and better than the quality of imports should be more expensive than domestic, the reason why the difference between the quality of the product. China-made CNC glass machinery supporting the basic loss of parts can be satisfied with the requirements of mid-range glass milling machine, but some high-end level of glass milling machine supporting the matching parts of the glass machinery and foreign comparison is still a big gap, the major difference is that the overall support Production capacity and lack of skills in the enterprise itself. Due to the sharp increase in market orders, new product development efforts are affected. Most of the professional enterprises to ensure that a lot of market orders, but also should pay more attention to the skills of the product development research and processing products, deal with the order product and new product development opposition. Both to ensure that the current market, but also pay attention to the rapid development of future market competitiveness.
   With the rapid development of the national economy, supporting the revitalization of the processing industry and the upgrading of all the processing industry and the modernization of national defense needs to increase in the rapid growth of fixed assets, driven by the growth of our national glass machinery accessories market demand The situation. These years, glass machinery industry in the low-end areas of intense competition, enterprises to the rapid development of high-end areas to seek a breakthrough, to promote resource links, from technology, brand and other aspects of improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.
   I believe that in order to accelerate the pace of international business, with brand value and skills, through technical cooperation, research and development of some new equipment to complete the complementary advantages. Some analysis shows that our national glass machinery industry in the face of large and not strong situation, our national glass processing industry is now ranked first in the world, while overcapacity, weak foundation, product quality level is very low.